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Tourists return to Taiwan's Penghu

Both air and sea transport to archipelago booming

"Moses parting the sea” path in Huxi Township, Penghu County

"Moses parting the sea” path in Huxi Township, Penghu County (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tourism is once again flourishing for Taiwan’s Penghu County since the pandemic has slowed, with crowds of tourists returning to attractions across the archipelago.

CNA reported that both air and sea transportation between Taiwan’s main island and the outlying county, which is located in the middle of the Taiwan Strait, have been increasing as of late, and over 3,000 tourists poured into the archipelago this weekend.

Larger planes have been deployed to fly the route, with at least 30 daily flights between Taiwan and Penghu now maintained. On the sea, at least two ferries currently ply the passage.

Crowds have been seen at Kuibi Mountain's “Moses parting the sea” path in Huxi Township. The 300-meter path offers the illusion of the sea parting when a thin strip of land between Pengu’s main island and an uninhabited islet is laid bare by retreating tides.

Tourists have also been visiting barbecue restaurants to enjoy seafood caught in the waters off the tourist mecca.

The Penghu County Tourism Department said that for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, 4,472 airline tickets to Penghu will become available after additional flights have been arranged to complement the original 402 flights accommodating 26,000 passengers during the holiday.

The 4,472 tickets will be open for booking from 9 a.m. on Monday (Aug. 30), according to the department.

Updated : 2021-09-25 03:44 GMT+08:00