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Taiwan Navy disposes of 2 unexploded projectiles in Penghu

Projectiles found to be WWII-era American anti-armor rockets

M28A2 HEAT rocket. (Inetres photo)

M28A2 HEAT rocket. (Inetres photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Two unexploded projectiles found underwater in Penghu County Wednesday (Aug. 25) were safely detonated and disposed of on Thursday (Aug. 26)

A group of people had been snorkeling in waters near Magong City’s Jing An Borough on Wednesday when they spotted the ordnance on the seabed. They immediately notified the Penghu Defense Command, and a special team from the Ministry of Defense was dispatched to handle the weapons, the Liberty Times reported.

After an initial analysis, the projectiles were identified as two 3.5-inch rockets, but as their serial numbers are unknown, it is impossible to determine where they originated. The Penghu County Government’s Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau, Magong City Office, Penghu Environmental Protection Bureau, two local borough chiefs, the Coast Guard, and other relevant authorities jointly decided to detonate the ordnance after hearing the suggestions of the county government, per the Liberty Times.

Major General Li Cheng-chung (李成中), deputy commander of the Navy's underwater operations unit, supervised the entire operation on Thursday, making sure the process was carried out in accordance with relevant specifications and that the detonation was successful.

The Penghu Defense Command pointed out that because the bombs were found 3 meters underwater, it had dispatched the Eighth and Seventh Coast Guard Flotillas, Penghu County Police Bureau personnel, and other units to inspect the area and ensure maritime safety.

After closer analysis, the explosives, which weigh about 4 kg each, have been identified as M28A2 HEAT rockets used to destroy tanks and armored fighting vehicles. They were widely used by the U.S. military during World War II but have since been retired.

Updated : 2021-09-24 20:30 GMT+08:00