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Taiwan labor minister says she hopes for better minimum wage increase for next year

Minister Hsu says she hopes Minimum Wage Review Committee will propose bigger increase for next year than they did this year

Minister of Labor Hsu Ming-chun

Minister of Labor Hsu Ming-chun (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Minister of Labor Hsu Ming-chun (許銘春) said during an interview on Wednesday (Aug. 25) that she hopes the ministry’s Minimum Wage Review Committee will propose a bigger wage increase for next year than the 0.84% hike they came up with for this year.

Hsu said the amount of the monthly minimum wage for the following year is determined by the resolution of the Minimum Wage Review Committee, which usually holds meetings in August, CNA reported. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s meetings will take place later, possibly in September, the minister said.

With the minimal minimum wage increase and the pandemic posing greater challenges to certain industries than ever, all wage earners in the country have been pulling together to cope with the difficult time this year, she said, adding that she hoped the committee would look at figures carefully to reach a positive minimum wage decision for next year.

The minister went on to say that the country’s industrial performance has been very special this year, with the manufacturing sector receiving lots of orders and exporting lots of goods, while the hotel, food and beverage, and assorted service industries have all suffered.

The gross domestic product (GDP) in Taiwan grew 3.2% last year, but the GDP has been adjusted upwards to grow by 5.88% for this year, Hsu continued.

She noted that under the 0.84% minimum wage hike, Taiwan’s monthly minimum wage this year went up just NT$200 (US$6.90) — from NT$23,800 to NT$24,000 — and the minimum hourly wage was raised from NT$158 to NT$160.

Expecting the government’s relief and stimulus measures to benefit domestic industries, the minister said she hopes the minimum wage would trend upward.

Updated : 2021-09-28 18:19 GMT+08:00