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Goods from Vietnam subject to strictest inspection in Taiwan

Vietnamese meat seized in New Taipei found ridden with African swine fever

Smuggled Vietnamese meat products. (Central Emergency Operation Center photo)

Smuggled Vietnamese meat products. (Central Emergency Operation Center photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Goods imported from Vietnam will be thoroughly vetted after African swine fever (ASF) was detected in a batch of smuggled meat products in New Taipei.

The seized products, including pork jerky and sausages that weighed over 71 kilograms, represented the first such incident in Taiwan after years of effort to keep the highly contagious viral disease at bay. A nationwide crackdown is being carried out to hunt for contraband meat from the Southeast Asian country feared already available on the market.

Chung Ho International Logistics Co., the company that imported the prohibited articles via air cargo, saw its license for customs declaration revoked on Tuesday (Aug. 24), according to the Customs Administration.

All Vietnamese shipments are now subject to the strictest inspection, with every parcel scrutinized by hand and then X-ray. The same procedures will apply to packages from high-risk areas such as China as well as those declared by businesses having a history of violations.

Meanwhile, the event has prompted the authorities to review regulations on customs affairs and address loopholes. The importer is found to have incurred cash penalties of a combined NT$5.82 million (US$208,253) for a total of 925 violations between Feb. 2019 and Aug. 2021, reported CNA.