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East Taiwan's Fushan Fish Reserve to reopen after two months

Fushan Fish Reserve is a popular tourist spot in Taitung County to watch sea life

A coral flourishing in Taitung's Fushan Fish Reserve. (Taitung County Government photo)

A coral flourishing in Taitung's Fushan Fish Reserve. (Taitung County Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taitung’s famed Fushan Fish Reserve will reopen on Tuesday (Aug. 14) after closing during the COVID-19 outbreak, announced Taitung County Government.

The Fish Reserve has become a popular attraction in recent years for providing tourists with the opportunity to observe sea creatures up close. The two-month closure not only followed COVID prevention guidelines, but also served as a break for all the creatures living in the area, allowing them to flourish in the absence of tourists.

According to the Taitung County Agriculture Department, the reserve is a safe haven for young fish to mature before swimming back to sea as adults. In the intertidal zone at the reserve, sea anemones, corals, and algae form vibrant coral reef habitats that house large schools of fish.

The Fushan area used to be abundant in fishery resources, however the environment was severely impacted by overfishing, reported CNA. After the area became a non-fishing zone in 2005, biodiversity both near the shore and in the sea was successfully rehabilitated.

The reserve, located in Taitung’s Shanyuan, can be divided into two parts: the beach in the south, and the coral reef intertidal zone in the north. Though local vendors sell specially designed fish food, tourists are encouraged to refrain from using it in order to avoid overfeeding and contaminating the water.