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Four wonderful seawalls in Taiwan

Two located on main island of Taiwan, other two in Penghu County

(Facebook, <a href="" target="_blank">台北就是這麼讚</a> photo)

(Facebook, 台北就是這麼讚 photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Four scenic seawalls in Taiwan have become popular tourist destinations, with two located on the main island of Taiwan and the other two in Penghu County.

The sea observation platform in Sanzhi, New Taipei

The platform at Zilan Park, a seaside park located at Cianshuei Bay in New Taipei’s coastal Sanzhi District, is a newly built observation deck. An old platform used to stand at the same site, but it was demolished for safety reasons.

The jetty leading to the platform has wavy guard rails that blend into the background. An art installation shaped like a wedding ring stands at the center of the deck near the end of the jetty.

The attraction, scheduled to open in the middle of September, is expected to become an ideal place to watch the sun set into the sea.

Four wonderful seawalls in Taiwan
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The Sea Horse Jetty in Kaohsiung

As its name suggests, this seawall is shaped like a sea horse. The seawall is located at the end of the Tunnel of Stars, a seaside attraction in Kaohsiung’s Cijin District.

However, not many people know about the seawall's sea horse shape. The shape of the curvy jetty and the lighthouse will become clear when looked at from the Chihou Battery, which is located on a seaside hill.

Even though the seawall is off-limits to tourists, it is still a soothing sight to behold from different angles.

Four wonderful seawalls in Taiwan
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The Paradise Road, Penghu

The Paradise Road in Baisha Township, Penghu County is a seawall that goes straight into the open water. A popular landmark at Houliao Village, the seawall is photogenic in different weather conditions. Aerial photos of the seawall reveal the paradise-like beauty of this road into the blue beyond.

Four wonderful seawalls in Taiwan
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Four wonderful seawalls in Taiwan
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Xiaochijiao Double Curved Bridge, Penghu

Located in Zhuwan Village, Xiyu Township, Penghu County, the Xiaochijiao Double Curved Bridge looks like a catwalk on the sea and is often described as the Penghu version of the Maldives, owing to the clear water surrounding the attraction.

When paired up with the rising tides, the white bridge and the beach umbrella-shaped platform look like a wonderland floating out onto the water. Aerial photography can produce magnificent images.

Four wonderful seawalls in Taiwan
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