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Taiwan claws its way past Thailand to regain Popcat gold

Taiwan pounces back to top of Popcat pack over rival Thailand

Milk Tea Alliance, and Popcat battle. (Twitter, Peppermint Soda image)

Milk Tea Alliance, and Popcat battle. (Twitter, Peppermint Soda image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan scratched and clawed its way back to the top of the medal table after defeating Thailand in Popcat on Tuesday (Aug. 17).

Popcat is a clicker game based on Twitter in which users click with their mouse or tap on their phone for points. In the highly simplistic exercise, players gain points by clicking on a cat named Oatmeal's face to cause him to open his mouth and make a popping sound.

Last week, while still feeling the effects of Olympics fever, so many Taiwanese netizens poured on clicks that Team Taiwan was able to surpass Finland for the gold medal by Aug. 13. Taiwan's success emboldened "athletes" in Thailand to enter the fray, and by Sunday (Aug. 15), the Southeast Asian kingdom had pounced to the top of the medal podium.

However, Taiwan's feline fighters refused to settle for second place and started to fight like cats and dogs with their Thai rivals for the coveted gold medal. By Tuesday (Aug. 17), both sides were switching back and forth between gold and silver positions.

Netizens from the two countries are taking it as a friendly form of competition, with cat-themed memes such as cats walking side by side, hugging each other, and fighting. Many other memes show the close friendship between the two countries when it comes to the Milk Tea Alliance despite being bitter rivals over Popcat.

According to the latest Popcat scoreboard, Taiwan has taken a commanding lead with 73 billion clicks to Thailand's 72 billion. Malaysia is in distant third place with a mere 16 billion clicks.