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Apartment transforms into hanging mushroom farm after landlord refuses to fix leaks

Tenant warned of health risks of sleeping alongside wild fungi

Wild mushrooms sprouting from apartment walls. (Facebook, 爆料公社二社 photo)

Wild mushrooms sprouting from apartment walls. (Facebook, 爆料公社二社 photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taichung tenant has documented her residential apartment’s transformation into a mushroom farm after her landlord refused to fix leaks for over two months.

The tenant revealed she pays NT$22,000 (US$805) in monthly rent but that over the last two months, the place has been leaking non-stop, according to a Liberty Times report.

She reported the drippage to the landlord, but they refused to resolve the issue.

The humidity in the air and wetness of the surfaces soon created the perfect conditions for fungi, and the moist walls of the rented house suddenly started sprouting rows of mushrooms, much to the surprise of the tenant, who took to a Facebook group famed for breaking news to share what had happened.

The post generated a lot of buzz, with some netizens dubbing the mushrooms “installation art."

In her initial post, the tenant lamented “I rented this two-room apartment for NT$ 20,000 — I guess money really can't buy you respect."

Some netizens were outraged by the negligence of the landlord, responding, "It's so evil, it feels like the spores are flying into your lungs,” while others encouraged the woman to take action, "Really move as soon as possible, otherwise your respiratory system will have problems or that place will damage your immune system and you will get sick."

Others took a more light-hearted approach, "Hot pot tonight!” and “Add [other] vegetables tonight?" while some tried to cheer her up, "You can’t buy respect, but you can buy shiitake mushrooms..." and "You rented out a greenhouse, right?"