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Taiwan reports 4 local COVID cases, 14 imported infections

Taiwan reports 2 deaths, bringing total death toll to 819

(Taiwan News, Wendy Wu image)

(Taiwan News, Wendy Wu image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Friday (Aug. 13) reported four new local COVID-19 cases, matching the case count seen on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.

Health Minister and CECC head Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) announced 18 new coronavirus cases, including 14 imported infections and four local ones. He also announced two deaths, bringing the country's total COVID death toll to 819.

Local cases

The latest local cases include two males and two females between the ages of 20 and 50, with the dates of symptom onset and testing ranging from Aug. 7-9. Two of the cases were in Taipei and one was in Kaohsiung City, while New Taipei City reported zero cases for the first time in 96 days.

Epidemiological investigations determined that of these, three are from known sources and one is from an unknown source. Inquiries are ongoing to clarify the source of the infections.

COVID deaths

The two deaths reported on Friday include case No. 8,852, a man in his 80s with a history of chronic disease. On May 28, he sought medical treatment for fever and respiratory symptoms, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on June 1, discharged from the hospital on June 16, but died on July 5.

Case No. 14,165, was a man in his 60s who had no history of a chronic disease or contact with confirmed cases. He developed a fever on June 17, was admitted to a hospital on June 20, diagnosed with COVID-19 on June 21, and died on Aug. 4.

Quarantine numbers

Chen pointed out that among the 14,615 cases announced between May 11 and Aug. 11, 13,142, or 89.9%, have been released from quarantine.

Imported cases

According to Chen, the 14 imported cases reported on Friday included seven males and seven females between the ages of 20 and 60. Between July 30 and Aug. 11, they entered Taiwan from the UAE (case No. 15,929), the U.S. (case Nos. 15932, 15935, 15937, 15938, 15939, and 15944), Cambodia (case Nos. 15,933, 15,934), China (case No. 15,936), Vietnam (case No. 15,940), Indonesia (case No. 15,942), India (case No. 15,943), and Thailand (case No. 15,945).

COVID case statistics

Since the outbreak began, Taiwan has carried out 2,309,241 COVID tests, with 2,292,428 coming back negative. Out of the 15,836 confirmed cases, 1,319 were imported, 14,464 were local, 36 came from the Navy's "Goodwill Fleet," two were from a cargo pilot cluster, and one was an unresolved case.

A total of 110 people have been removed as confirmed cases, while 14 cases are still under investigation. Up until now, 819 individuals have succumbed to the disease.

Of the 811 deaths from local infections, 402 were in New Taipei, 312 in Taipei, 28 in Keelung, 25 in Taoyuan, 15 in Changhua County, 12 in Hsinchu County, four in Taichung, three in Miaoli County, two each in Yilan and Hualien counties, and one each in Taitung County, Yunlin County, Tainan City, Nantou County, Kaohsiung City, and Pingtung County. The eight other deaths were imported cases.