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90% of citizens in Taiwan identify as Taiwanese

64% of Taiwanese willing to go to war to defend nation

Taiwan New Constitution Foundation members holding signs which read "No China" and "Yes Taiwan." (Facebook, TNCF image)

Taiwan New Constitution Foundation members holding signs which read "No China" and "Yes Taiwan." (Facebook, TNCF image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As tensions escalate between China and Taiwan, a new poll found that nearly 90% of respondents consider themselves Taiwanese, while only 8.7 percent think of themselves as Chinese.

The latest poll by the Taiwan New Constitution Foundation (台灣制憲基金會), which was released at a press conference on Tuesday (Aug. 10), found that 89.9 percent of citizens consider themselves Taiwanese. In addition, it found that over 64% of Taiwanese are willing to go to war to defend the country.

The poll found that 67.9% consider themselves Taiwanese, 27.8% think of themselves as both Chinese and Taiwanese, and 1.8% opted for only Chinese. When given only one nationality to choose from, 89.9% chose Taiwanese.

Given the rising tensions in the Taiwan Strait, the poll revealed that 36% of respondents said they would definitely go to war to defend Taiwan, 28.3% said they probably would, 16.2% said they probably would not, 12.7% said they definitely would not, and 7.4% had no opinion. As for Taiwan's future political status, 38.9% were in favor of Taiwan declaring independence, 50.1% want to keep the status quo, and 4.7% wish to unite with China.

Hot on the heels of Taiwan's most successful Olympics ever, 65.1% of poll-takers said they refer to the country's team as "Taiwan," while only 27.6% used the term "Chinese Taipei." Over 82% stated that they regretted the fact that Taiwan participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as "Chinese Taipei" and could not fly the official national flag.

Following the Tokyo Games, 83.9% said they had a positive view of Japan, while 75.6% had a favorable opinion of the U.S., with nearly 90% supporting establishing diplomatic ties with the two countries. However, 70.3% had a negative view of China, with only 16.4% seeing the communist country in a positive light.

Updated : 2021-10-18 15:24 GMT+08:00