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McDonald’s Taiwan to hire 1,300 full-time service crew for first time

Previously, only people in managerial posts were offered full-time salaries, benefits

(Facebook, McDonald's Taiwan photo)

(Facebook, McDonald's Taiwan photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Fast-food chain McDonald’s Taiwan has launched a hiring drive that will see the company recruit a full-time service crew in the country for the first time.

McDonald’s Taiwan is seeking to fill 200 managerial jobs and 1,300 full-time vacancies for restaurant staffers. Previously, only managerial posts were full-time, while other positions were paid on a part-time basis, reported Anue.

The monthly salary for restaurant managers starts at NT$36,000 (US$1,293), higher than the average NT$28,402 for fresh college graduates this year, according to a survey by 1111 Job Bank. Employees can expect promotions to higher-ranking managerial posts via training programs.

Full-time service staffers will be paid NT$27,000 per month and enjoy 17 days of leave a year when they start working. They will have two days off a week, one on weekdays and the other over the weekend.

McDonald’s Taiwan hopes increasing the number of full-time employees and offering benefits can lead to enhanced quality of service, wrote UDN. A total of 25 interview events will be held nationwide this month for the hiring drive.

Currently, part-timers at the company earn NT$160 to NT$168 per hour for general shifts and NT$215 to NT$223 for night shifts.

To apply, please visit the company's website.

Updated : 2021-12-05 07:53 GMT+08:00