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Taiwan-based TV commentator ‘Snakeman’ still ping-ponging

Adam Bobrow's entertaining way of introducing table tennis winning over fans worldwide

Commentator Adam Bobrow (center) is a good friend of Lin Yun-ju (left).  (Facebook, Adam Bobrow photo)

Commentator Adam Bobrow (center) is a good friend of Lin Yun-ju (left).  (Facebook, Adam Bobrow photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan-based American table tennis commentator Adam Bobrow has been universally praised for bringing out the best in athletes.

Bobrow, aka "Snakeman," is being called the "ambassador of table tennis" by Associated Press news director Foster Klug. He won an online competition looking for the "voice of table tennis" in 2014 and since then has been the International Table Tennis Federation's leading commentator.

Not only is he a sports critic and actor, but Bobrow also plays table tennis very well and even has a signature move, the "Snake" — hence his nickname. He is also a friend of the world's No. 7 ranked table tennis player Lin Yun-ju (林昀儒).

His goal as a commentator is to bring a fun vibe, and he certainly does that. Bobrow has been sharing videos of interesting competitions for years on his YouTube channel, which has more than 500,000 subscribers.

One of the featured clips is a 10-minute video titled "A Year of Ping Pong," which was posted in 2019 and has garnered millions of views. It is a recording of fun points that he has played around the world.

According to the AP report, the "extremely social" commentator will keep on ping-ponging until the travel bans against COVID are lifted.