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New Taipei urges inheritors to claim properties

Over 12,000 plots of land, 800 properties left unclaimed in Taiwan’s most populous city

New Taipei urges inheritors to claim properties

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The New Taipei City Government has announced that 12,133 plots of land and 808 buildings remain unclaimed and should be registered by inheritors as soon as possible.

The unclaimed land totals 438.71 hectares, with an estimated value of over NT$18.46 billion (US$664.76 million). Out of all the districts, Sanxia has the highest number of unclaimed plots of land, while Sanchong District has the most unclaimed buildings.

The Department of Land Administration said on July 28 that the various properties belong to 2,064 inheritors. It added that they should register their land or buildings as soon as possible. Last year, there were 10,728 unclaimed plots of land and 558 unclaimed buildings in New Taipei City, according to the department.

The Land Administration Department said the main reasons for these unclaimed properties include ongoing negotiations between multiple inheritors, inheritors residing overseas, and controversies surrounding the properties. With regard to multiple claimants, inheritors may elect one or more delegates to register mutual ownership of a property and file for estate division after reaching an agreement.

The Taiwanese government records and manages properties that are not claimed within a year of inheritance for up to 15 years. After 15 years, the Ministry of Finance’s National Property Administration puts the properties up for auction.

For information on uninherited real estate, citizens may log on to New Taipei City’s “i-Land” website and select “Unclaimed Inheritance” under “Other Public Information.”