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Cafe Mei in California not Mei & Mei, Taiwan's breakfast giant clarifies

Taiwan's No.1 breakfast chain says it cannot guarantee quality of first Taiwanese breakfast shop to open outside of country

 (Facebook, Cafe Mei photo) 

 (Facebook, Cafe Mei photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese breakfast chain Mei & Mei (美而美) has clarified that Cafe Mei, which just had its soft opening in California, is not a franchise store and that Mei & Mei cannot guarantee the quality of the U.S. restaurant's food and services.

Cafe Mei, which shares its Chinese name with Mei & Mei, has sparked widespread interest among Taiwanese, as it is apparently the first Taiwanese breakfast shop to appear outside the country. However, Mei & Mei on July 28 released a statement stressing that it has registered trademarks in the United States, Canada, and China and has nothing to do with Cafe Mei.

"'Mei & Mei' is synonymous with Taiwanese breakfast and should not belong to any individuals or enterprises," Cafe Mei wrote on its Facebook page the following day.

It also argued that anyone in Taiwan can call their breakfast shop "Mei & Mei." Since Cafe Mei has drawn a distinction with its logo and English name, it can surely use that Chinese name as well, the owners said.

The opinions of Facebook users varied greatly in the responses to Cafe Mei's post. Some netizens voiced support, as the eatery is bringing Taiwanese flavors from afar, while the others accused it of copyright infringement and of using a similar name to mislead people.