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Parents happy Taipei Zoo reopens

Visits must first register online

Parents happy Taipei Zoo reopens

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taipei Zoo partially reopened on Sunday (Aug. 1) after having been closed for more than two months, CNA reported.

The Taipei Zoo began to operate at a reduced capacity on Sunday, and visitors these days must register in advance via the zoo’s website. The number of daily visitors is capped at 3,600, with 1,800 each in the morning and afternoon sessions, while only 600 people may be present in a given hour, according to the report.

However, popular attractions such as the Pangolin Dome, the Panda House, the Penguin House, the No. 1 Koala House, and the Children's Zoo remained closed.

A visitor surnamed Wang (王), along with her brother, sister-in-law, and three toddlers, visited the zoo on Sunday. Children had nowhere to go during the Level 3 alert, Wang said, adding that she felt really happy to get out with the kids now.

Even though some parts of the zoo were closed, including indoor facilities, the Children's Zoo, food stands, and restaurants, the kids were happy to have an open space to run and drink water, Wang said.

Another visitor, surnamed Ouyang (歐陽), said she and her boyfriend visited the zoo on a date. She stated that her favorite animals were all kept outdoors and that the main purpose of her visit had been to see the gorillas.

Taipei Zoo spokesman Eric Tsao (曹先紹) said that according to his observations, zoo visitors on Sunday were mostly young families. He said there are still available tickets for Monday and beyond and encouraged the public to book online.

Parents happy Taipei Zoo reopens
(CNA photo)

Updated : 2021-09-21 10:14 GMT+08:00