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Taipei's CITYLINK Songshan Station Store I closes due to 2 COVID cases

Employee of MUJI and customer at UNIQLO in CITYLINK mall test positive for COVID

CITYLINK Songshan Station Store I. (Google Maps image)

CITYLINK Songshan Station Store I. (Google Maps image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A CITYLINK mall in Taipei suspended operations on Thursday (July 22) after an employee and a customer at two different stores tested positive for COVID-19.

On Thursday, Taipei's Department of Health announced that an employee of the MUJI store on the third floor of the CITYLINK Songshan Station Store I had tested positive for COVID. The first and second floors of the mall have therefore been closed for one day, while the third floor will be shut down for three days.

CITYLINK announced the schedule of the closures on its Facebook page on Wednesday evening (July 21). The mall announced that it is closing the floors in order to comply with the government's epidemic prevention measures.

During the closure period, the mall stated that it will carry out cleaning and disinfection for the safety of employees and customers.

According to the health department, after it received notice that a MUJI employee had tested positive for the virus, it notified CITYLINK and ordered it to close for one full day while keeping the third floor, where the confirmed case had been working, shuttered for three days. Store managers have been asked to compile a list of the employee's contacts.

The health department is planning to conduct an on-site investigation at the store on Thursday. As part of the investigation, it will identify contacts and arrange for them to be tested for the coronavirus.

According to the health department, the employee is Taiwan's coronavirus case No. 15,609. When the staff member was going to work on Tuesday (July 20), they received a notice that they were a contact of case No. 15,504.

The MUJI worker immediately took an epidemic prevention taxi to a hospital to undergo testing for the virus and was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Wednesday.

In addition, the health department stated that a case confirmed in Keelung, case No. 15,540, had recently visited the UNIQLO store located on the second floor of the CITYLINK Songshan Station Store I. After the Xinyi District Health Center conducted an assessment of the incident on Tuesday, it concluded that the whole building should be closed for one day and UNIQLO for three days.

A total of 22 people were listed as contacts of case No. 15,540 in the mall, including 10 who were inside UNIQLO at the time and 12 department store employees. After undergoing testing, all 22 tested negative for the virus.

Updated : 2021-07-29 18:33 GMT+08:00