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Lithuanian MP backs Taiwan de facto embassy, calls China 'bloody authoritarian regime'

Dovile Sakaliene says Taiwan and Lithuania are 'not easily intimidated' amid establishment of Taiwan representative office

Dovile Sakaliene. (Facebook, Dovile Sakaliene photo)

Dovile Sakaliene. (Facebook, Dovile Sakaliene photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Lithuanian MP who has been blacklisted by the Chinese government on Tuesday (July 20) posted a tweet indicating that her country would not be intimidated by China amid plans to establish a de facto Taiwan embassy in her country and described the communist country and Russia as "bloody authoritarian regimes."

At a press briefing on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) announced that Taiwan will set up a representative office in Lithuania's capital city of Vilnius. Wu said that the name of the new office will be the Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania.

That afternoon, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) posted a tweet announcing the opening of the new representative office in the Baltic country and expressed her hope that it would lead to closer cooperation between the two countries. She included an image announcing that the de facto embassy would open soon, stating that it would strengthen the cooperation "with our democratic partner."

Lithuanian MP Dovile Sakaliene retweeted Tsai's post that same day and wrote that with the presence of the new office, the two countries will become "even closer friends." In a clear reference to China and Russia, she pointed out that both Taiwan and Lithuania are democratic states that are "neighboured by bloody authoritarian regimes."

Anticipating likely protests by Beijing over the creation of the representative office, she added that Taiwan and Lithuania are "not easily intimidated."

Sakaliene, a member of the Social Democratic party and a co-chair of the Interparliamentary Alliance on China, has a track record of defying China. After she was blacklisted by Beijing in March for criticizing its treatment of its ethnic Uyghurs, she was cited by the Baltic News Service as saying, "Paradoxically, the country of billion people chooses to intimidate a citizen of a small country instead of stopping its illegal policies of imprisoning and torturing a million of its own citizens."

Updated : 2021-07-29 18:16 GMT+08:00