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English guide shows steps for Taiwan's vaccine registration platform

MOL posts instructions in 4 languages for Taiwan's vaccine reservation website

English instructions on registering on vaccine reservation platform. (MOL image)

English instructions on registering on vaccine reservation platform. (MOL image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's Ministry of Labor (MOL) on Wednesday (July 14) uploaded directions on how to register on Taiwan's vaccine reservation platform in four languages.

On Wednesday, the MOL posted on the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) website a basic step-by-step guide in English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai on how to book a vaccination with the official vaccination reservation platform. It also included more detailed instructions in a PDF document in each language.


When visiting the website, the first step is to register for vaccinations by clicking "register" (登記) in the box on the left and entering the information from one's Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), National Health Insurance (NHI) card, and CAPTCHA code. When finished, click "perform identity verification" (執行身分認證).

The next step is to select a vaccination area and brand. This will require inputting one's ARC number, name, cell phone number, county/city and administrative area, and brand of choice. Both AstraZeneca and Moderna are selected by default, so to eliminate one simply click the box next to the brand name of the vaccine. When finished, click "confirm and send" (確認送出).

Next, a screen will appear showing the information that has been entered, including the vaccine (s) of choice. If there are any errors, they can be corrected in this screen by clicking "modify registration" (修改登機) or canceled by clicking "cancel registration" (取消登記); otherwise, no action is needed.

1922 hotline text message

The 1922 hotline will then send a text message when a person has become eligible to be vaccinated. They can then continue with the online registration system or book the appointment via a kiosk at a convenience store, pharmacy, or health center.

Booking a vaccination

To book a vaccination after receiving the text message, go back to the website and in the green box on the right, click "reserve" (預約). Then select whether to book using the NHI card and registration password by clicking "use this method to verify" (用此方式驗證) in the blue box on the left or using the health insurance app and OTP authentication code by clicking "use this method to verify" (用此方式驗證) the green box on the right.

With the NHI card and password method, a card reader is needed. In the case of using the health insurance app method, they will need to download the app before filling out identity verification information, including ARC number, health insurance app authentication code, CAPTCHA, and clicking "perform identity verification" (執行身分認證).

After completing either identity verification method, the last step will be to select a preferred location and time to receive the vaccination. If one does not have a card reader or does not wish to download the Health Insurance app, they can book their vaccination by using a kiosk at clinics, pharmacies, or the four major convenience store chains: 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Hi-Life, and OK Mart.

Updated : 2022-05-25 14:38 GMT+08:00