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Taiwan reopens multiple forest recreation areas, hiking trails

Taiwan's Forestry Bureau opens 14 recreation areas, 91 nature trails, 53 forest roads today

(Forestry Bureau photo)

(Forestry Bureau photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Forestry Bureau announced on Tuesday (July 13) the reopening of 14 national recreation areas, 91 nature trails, 53 forest roads, three flat-area forest parks, and four forestry cultural areas across Taiwan effective immediately, following the central government’s policy of relaxing the Level 3 alert restrictions.

However, 54 nature trails, including the Cinsbu Taiwan Cypress Forest Trail and Tonghou Crossing Trail, and 28 forest roads, including Dalu Forest Road and Shuanglung Forest Road, remain closed, according to a bureau press release. Three national forest recreation areas—Taipingshan, Neidong, and Guanwu—are also still closed.

Meanwhile, indoor exhibition rooms, the Alishan Forest Railway, Wulai log carts, mountain huts, bunk-style accommodation facilities, and all nature reservation areas remain closed.

The Forestry Bureau said the number of visitors to all reopened forest recreation areas will be reduced to 40 percent of their original capacity. The Syueshan Villa, Song Syue Lodge, and Aowanda Villa will operate at 50 percent capacity, it added.

Visitors are allowed to take off their masks to eat outdoors, but they should put them back on after eating, the bureau said.

The Forest Bureau encouraged the public to purchase electronic tickets online and access them on their cell phones. Electronic tickets users can enjoy weekday prices during weekends and holidays as well as free parking at Dongyanshan, Dasyueshan, Dasianshan, Aowanda, Alishan, Shuangliu, and Chihnan forest recreation areas.

Electronic tickets are available on this site, Klook, and KKDAY.

The bureau recommended the public check the Taiwan Forest Recreation site to see whether the forest area they intend to visit is opened and relevant crowd control information before heading out.

To check whether trails or forest roads are open, please refer to the files attached at the bottom of the Forestry Bureau press release.