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Taiwan reviews application by CTiTV to produce news shows

News channel lost its license last November

A CTiTV channel focused on entertainment wants to produce news shows 

A CTiTV channel focused on entertainment wants to produce news shows  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The National Communications Commission (NCC) is continuing its review of an application by CTiTV to broadcast three news shows and a talk show on a daily basis, reports said Wednesday (July 7).

Last year, the NCC refused to renew the license for the group’s news division to occupy channel 52 due to violations. CTi News, owned by the Want Want China Times Group, built up a reputation for strong pro-China views.

Up for discussion at the NCC Wednesday was an application by CTiTV’s general channel to produce a daily morning, noon, and evening news program and an 8 p.m. political talk show, CNA reported.

As it was not possible yet to evaluate whether the station had the ability to produce news programs, the NCC said it would not reach a decision but continue to review the case.

The station, positioned at channel 36, mostly broadcasts entertainment programs, variety shows, and dramas. The NCC approved the renewal of its license last November, but in January it submitted the application to change its format and add news.

If the change is approved, CTiTV will add 84 staff for the news department, the NCC said. There was no ban on entertainment channels broadcasting news shows, but a detailed proposal for the changes had to be available, according to officials.