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Russian figure skating coach sings Taiwan’s praises

Kristina Stepanova prefers to remain in Taiwan rather than hurry home for dose of Sputnik V

Taiwan-based Russian ice skating coach chose to stay in Taiwan despite Level 3 alert due to safety and convenience. (YouTube, <a href="" rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">Stop Kiddin Studio</a>&n...

Taiwan-based Russian ice skating coach chose to stay in Taiwan despite Level 3 alert due to safety and convenience. (YouTube, Stop Kiddin Studio&n...

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Russian figure skating coach chose to remain in Taiwan during the pandemic, despite the ease with which she could obtain a vaccine in her native country.

In a YouTube video put out by Stop Kiddin Studio (不要鬧工作室) on Wednesday (June 30), the channel interviewed figure skating coach Kristina Stepanova about her decision to remain in Taiwan rather than return home to Russia.

Stepanova said that many people have asked her why she did not return to receive the Sputnik V vaccine. In response, she revealed that she and her Russian friends have little faith in the product.

The coach was also keen on the amenities in Taiwan, particularly in the Ximending area where she lives, in addition to the country’s safety.

"Compared to Russia, Taiwan is safer and more convenient," she said.

"I think the world is the same. When a crisis happens, everyone always goes to the supermarket,” she continued. “In this case, Taiwan is the best because of the density of convenience stores.”

She added that the tradeoff of slightly higher prices at convenience stores was worth it to avoid the supermarket crowds.

For purchasing food, daily necessities, and more or less anything else, Taiwan’s convenience stores became Stepanova’s top choice during the pandemic. "They are not paying me to say this,” she said, “but my favorite is Family Mart."

In the two-minute clip, Stepanova said her favorite Family Mart dish was a vegetarian rice bento. She described it as "tasty and fantastic" because of the rich and healthy ingredients, such as pumpkin, quinoa, and broccoli.

As for other meals, Stepanova said she prefers sliced fruits and bread for breakfast, noodles for lunch, and instant noodles and chips for supper. After trying traditional Taiwanese dessert grass jelly, she joked that it was "as sweet as my life." However, she feared she might gain weight if the Level 3 alert continued.

Updated : 2021-09-28 22:50 GMT+08:00