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Mayor of Japanese town wishes Taiwan well with COVID inoculation efforts

Umi gave rise to efficient 'Umi-machi' vaccination method

Japan's 'Umi-machi method' has resulted in speedy inoculations 

Japan's 'Umi-machi method' has resulted in speedy inoculations  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The mayor of a Japanese town known for its efficient COVID-19 vaccination method is wishing Taiwan well with its own inoculation efforts, reports said Wednesday (June 30).

The city of Umi in the prefecture of Fukuoka has become synonymous with a faster method of inoculating its elderly citizens, CNA reported. While patients remain seated at a social distance from each other, a doctor or nurse swirls around on an office chair on wheels, moving from person to person, and spending only 20 seconds per inoculation.

The “Umi-machi method” (宇美町式) has spread from the town to gain popularity all over Japan, eventually also finding its way to Taiwan, where reports said it could help inoculate 70 people per half hour.

The island’s representative in Fukuoka, Chen Chung-cheng (陳忠正), visited Umi Wednesday, where he met the mayor. Chen praised the “Umi-machi method,” adding he hoped Taiwan could also speed up its inoculation campaign. The local mayor responded by saying the Taiwanese public could soon be safely vaccinated.