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Plum rains forecast to return to Taiwan Sunday

Stationary front will hover near Taiwan from June 20-24, bringing plenty of rainfall

(Central Weather Bureau photo)

(Central Weather Bureau photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said Tuesday (June 15) that Taiwan will experience southwesterly winds from Tuesday to Friday (June 19), during which time wind-facing areas in the central and southern regions will receive occasional rain, while the rest of the country will see warm and sunny weather, according to CNA.

As a stationary front approaches on Saturday, both humidity and instability in the atmosphere will increase, bringing showers and possible thunderstorms across the country, the meteorologist said. Areas facing the southwesterly winds in central and southern areas are forecast to see heavier rainfall, he continued.

Wu pointed out that the stationary front will return and hover near Taiwan from June 20-24, bringing severe weather and plenty of rainfall. The duration of the stationary front and amount of precipitation will not be less than the previous two waves of plum rains, Wu added.