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Taiwan putting off live-fire drills until September due to COVID

Annual Han Kuang exercises are Taiwan's most important war games

(Instagram, Military News Agency photo)

(Instagram, Military News Agency photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The live-fire drills of this year’s Han Kuang military exercises are expected to be postponed to September as Taiwan struggles to rein in a coronavirus outbreak, reports said.

Previously slated for July 12-16, the drills would involve an anti-amphibious landing operation against a simulated attempt by Chinese forces to land on the shores of Pingtung County’s Fangshan Township.

Also included in the war games are the inauguration of the Jiadong contingency runway in Pingtung and mobilization of the military reserve force, according to UDN. The Ministry of National Defense has not ruled out the possibility of scrapping the live-fire drills altogether should the spread of COVID-19 fail to be contained.

The Air Force highway landing drills originally scheduled for July have been delayed amid a surge in local COVID infections. At least six Air Force personnel have contracted the coronavirus, allegedly at the Air Force Combatant Command, causing concern that Taiwan’s air defense capabilities are affected.

Updated : 2021-06-14 09:53 GMT+08:00