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Taiwan pledges to be trustworthy partner in global democratic community

Foreign minister says authoritarian nations aiming to undermine democratic societies

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (Ministry of Foreign Affairs photo)

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (Ministry of Foreign Affairs photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) said Wednesday (June 9) that Taiwan will always stand with the global democratic community.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release Wednesday evening saying that Wu had been invited by the Czech think tank European Values Center for Security Policy to participate in a 2021 Strategic Communication Summit panel discussion titled "How can democratic countries build resilience against disinformation?

Wu noted that in recent years, tensions between democratic and authoritarian countries increased. Authoritarian governments have taken advantage of the freedom and openness of democratic societies to launch cognitive warfare via disinformation and cyberattacks, he said.

Taiwan itself has been affected by frequent instances of fake news, the minister said, adding that in the past few weeks, the government has had to fight waves of false information about its vaccination campaign.

Wu pointed out that though the challenge of combating disinformation is daunting, transparency, openness, and international cooperation are important to strengthening “democratic resilience.” He said that Taiwan focuses on information transparency, open governance, and digital technology to counter disinformation attacks from authoritarian countries.

The minister also said the nation will continue to boost collaboration with like-minded partners through various means, including the Global Cooperation and Training Framework, a platform co-founded by the East Asian nation and the U.S. He called on democracies to be wary of assaults on their democratic system, share their experiences with each other, and find effective countermeasures.

Wu said that only through solidarity and cooperation can nations defend the values of freedom and democracy, adding that Taiwan will always be a trusted partner of the international democratic community.