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6 Taiwanese posthumously test positive for COVID-19 in 3 days

Post-mortem positive COVID test results raise concerns of community transmission

Next TV building. 

Next TV building.  (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Six people in Taipei, including two media workers and a taxi driver, have tested positive for COVID-19 posthumously this week, raising concerns of potential community transmission.

Among them, five were aged over 60 years old. A man working as a Next TV (壹電視) cameraman was found dead in the bathroom at the TV station's headquarters on June 7, was given a post-mortem PCR test, and was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19.

News anchor Catherine Chang (張雅琴), who recently worked with the deceased man, announced her negative PCR test result on Wednesday (June 9), while calling for prioritizing jabs for media workers as they are vulnerable to contracting the virus.

Senior self-employed reporter Yi Xiao-wen (易小文) also tested positive for coronavirus on June 7 after a forensic investigation. Yi, who had been working as a reporter for over 30 years covering mostly protests, murders, and accidents, was found dead after an apparent suicide the day before. The reporter's nephew told police Yi had been living alone in Taipei City's Zhongshan District and had recently suffered a bout of depression as well as experienced coughing and diarrhea, media reported.

Meanwhile, a body recently found near a Taipei port was identified to be a cab driver who is registered to a home address in New Taipei City's Xinzhuang District. The 67-year-old cabby was said to have been living alone with a heavy financial strain, and he had informed his contracted employer of symptoms such as fever before going missing.

The cause of his death remains unknown. A forensic expert administered a post-mortem coronavirus test and the man was later confirmed to have been infected by the disease.

Furthermore, posthumous testing for a family of four in Taipei's Beitou District found that three of the family members who were found dead on Friday (June 4) had been infected with COVID-19.

The parents, aged over 90 and suffering from various chronic diseases, had been living with their 70-year-old son and 53-year-old daughter with a mild intellectual disability in Beitou. The second son of the family, who lived in another city, called the police last week to check on his parents after his disabled younger sister told him the other three "had been sleeping for a long time."

After the police entered the house, the parents and the 70-year-old son were found dead and the daughter, who had a fever, tested positive for the virus.

As of June 9, Taiwan has recorded 10,766 domestic cases and 333 deaths, with the fatality rate surpassing the global average of 2.1 percent. Ninety percent of the deceased are aged over 60, according to the country's Centers for Disease Control.

Updated : 2021-06-22 08:06 GMT+08:00