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Veteran Taiwan TV host urges patience on vaccine imports

Chang Hsiao-yen reminds fans that everyone is in this together

(Facebook, Chang Hsiao-yen photo)

(Facebook, Chang Hsiao-yen photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Renowned TV host Chang Hsiao-yen (張小燕) on Tuesday (June 8) urged patience while the country waits for more vaccine doses to arrive and reminded her fans that everyone is in the same boat.

The veteran host, also known as Sister Hsiao-yen (小燕姐), on May 31 urged the central government to make vaccine importation less difficult and withdraw restrictions preventing local businesses and organizations from offering help. The post was met with both agreement and strong criticism.

However, the Taiwanese government had just the day before announced a shift in stance, with Presidential Office Spokesperson Chang Tun-Han (張惇涵) saying that religious groups or local governments are welcome to purchase vaccines on their own.

On Tuesday, eight days after her vaccine post, the 72-year-old celebrity Tuesday softened her tone by posting, "We share the same fate on this island. Let me stand by your side until vaccines arrive" alongside an avatar of herself wearing short, indigo hair and a pair of posh purple-rimmed glasses.

In the picture, Chang's hands are pressed together as if she is praying. The post garnered 23,000 likes and 254 reposts within an hour.

The hashtag #讓我陪你等到疫苗 (Let me stand by your side until vaccines arrive) was created to support nurses, policemen, and all those fighting to save lives on the front line against COVID-19. It was first used by celebrated singer Chang Ching-Fang (張清芳), and many more stars have jumped on board recently, sharing posts about their self-isolation and sending food and drinks to medical workers.

Chang has urged her fans to stay home by sharing posts from the Facebook feeds of her famous friends, including her renowned apprentice Mickey Huang (黃子佼) and Ella (陳嘉樺) from girl band S.H.E.

Updated : 2021-06-17 13:10 GMT+08:00