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Taiwan's Alishan to livestream its scenery

Views of sunrises, sunsets, seas of clouds, and tea plantations to be accessible

(Alishan National Scenic Area Administration photo) 

(Alishan National Scenic Area Administration photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to coop people up at home, the Alishan National Scenic Area Administration (ANSAA) is livestreaming its attractions.

ANSAA, along with other national scenic areas and forest recreation areas, is extending the closure of its visitor centers, trails, and other facilities until June 28 to be in line with the nationwide extension of the Level 3 alert.

From home, people can view the area’s six attractions — Eryanping Trail, Taiping Suspension Bridge, Niupuzai Grassland, Sheng Li Farm, the Chukou Visitor Center, and the Lijia Information Station — by accessing their 24-hour livestream on the scenic area’s website. Viewers will be treated to sunrises, sunsets, seas of clouds, and tea plantations, according to ANSAA.

In addition, as many bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and stores in the area have voluntarily closed, ANSAA has urged anyone planning a visit to check related information on the disease prevention section of its website.