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Voice actor booted from 'Mr. Love Queen's Choice' for calling Taiwan a country

Jonah Scott fired from Chinese phone game, Sean Chiplock, Joe Zieja quit in solidarity

Character Victor (left), Jonah Scott (right). (Facebook, MrLoveGame image/YouTube, Jonah Scott image)

Character Victor (left), Jonah Scott (right). (Facebook, MrLoveGame image/YouTube, Jonah Scott image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An American voice actor was fired from a Chinese phone game on Friday (June 4) for stating that Taiwan is a country.

On June 3, Johah Scott, who is well known for his work on "Beastars," "Love Alarm," and "One Punch Man," posted a tweet mentioning that Taiwan is a country. In retaliation, the Chinese mobile game company Papergames announced on June 4 that it would be ending its cooperation with Scott on the game "Mr. Love: Queen's Choice."

In the statement, which has since been deleted, the company accused Scott of releasing an online post with "incorrect facts which we do not agree with," according to a Reddit megathread. It stated that "after careful considerations," the company has opted to cut ties with Scott.

Papergames pledged that it would remove all voice content from Scott, who played the character Victor (李澤言), and replace it with another actor. Indeed, the lines were taken down from the game within seven hours following the post, reported Anime News Network.

To show solidarity with Scott, voice actors Sean Chiplock and Joe Zieja that same day announced that they would end their participation in the game. Chiplock said that he would leave the game "unless Jonah is reinstated as Victor."

Chiplock vowed that he would not "be a party to censorship and strong arming" of fellow actors for merely pointing out a "Google-able fact." Zieja asserted that Taiwan's status as a country is irrelevant to the contracts they signed and that "punishing talent because of political interference by your benefactors" was an unreasonable demand.

On June 5, Scott issued an apology on his Twitter page in which he stated that he regretted expressing "divisive opinions on important political topics so brashly." He then apologized to his colleagues and partners who may have been impacted.

"Mr. Love: Queen's Choice" is a dating simulation and visual novel app that gives players the ability to text, chat, and call the main characters. The game has attracted millions of young Chinese women since its launch in December of 2017 because it affords them the thrill of dating “without all the risks, potential humiliation, tragedies, and comedies," according to Chinese American author Joy Chen.