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Taiwan's Yulin County defends KMT politician accused of skipping COVID vaccination line

KMT politician's position as development group secretary-general allows for priority vaccination

Yulin County's KMT branch chairwoman Hsu Yu-chen. (Facebook, Hsu Yu-chen photo)

Yulin County's KMT branch chairwoman Hsu Yu-chen. (Facebook, Hsu Yu-chen photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Yunlin County Government on Monday (June 7) refuted claims that local Kuomintang (KMT) branch chairwoman Hsu Yu-chen (許宇甄) received a vaccine illegally, asserting that her job title belongs to Group 2 of the vaccine distribution strategy created by the central government.

Yulin County’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) branch chairman Chiang Tsung-pao (江宗保) criticized Hsu for skipping the line and receiving a vaccine dose earlier than permitted, Liberty Times reported.

He acknowledged Hsu’s positions as chairwoman of the county’s KMT branch and secretary-general of the county’s Industrial Development and Investment Promotion (IDIPC) but said these qualifications do not fit in Groups 1, 2, or 3. Those in these groups include medical staff, high-risk frontline staff, and people working in the epidemic command center at the central or local level.

Chiang also said that according to the Yulin County Government, about 65 percent of medical personnel have been vaccinated. There are still nearly 4,000 medical workers who have not received their jabs.

The DPP politician called on the county’s anti-epidemic personnel to be open and transparent so that people who are not in the county government can take advantage of certain privileges.

The Yunlin County Government stated that since Hsu is the county’s IDIPC secretary-general and needs to visit factories and industrial areas often, her position is considered a high-risk job in Group 2. The principle of protecting others is not a matter of privilege, it added.

Updated : 2021-06-20 23:32 GMT+08:00