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Taiwan lights up London Design Biennale

A mechanical prayer system aims to help audiences find inner peace

London Design Biennale will run until June 27. (Ministry of Culture photo)

London Design Biennale will run until June 27. (Ministry of Culture photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan Pavilion at the London Design Biennale showcases the nation's religion and technology and marks the third time Taiwan has taken part in the prestigious U.K. event since it was established in 2016.

Curated by Bito, the Taiwan design-driven motion graphic studio, the Taiwan pavilion is called "Swingphony," which echos the festival’s main theme of "Resonance."

Bito curator and creative director, Liu Keng-ming (劉耕名), said Thursday (June 3) in an online press conference that the art and technology exhibition aims to achieve tranquility for mankind, especially during the ongoing pandemic. “The most important thing in religion is the ritual prayer, which brings harmony to our lives,” Liu observed.

As "Swingphony" celebrates ritual acts, the traditional paper lanterns that hang in Taiwan's temples are a major part of the exhibition’s interior design. The combination of incense and metronome mixes culture and technology, pushing boundaries.

Taiwan lights up London Design Biennale
Taiwan Pavilion (Ministry of Culture photo)

Official teaser for Taiwan Pavilion. (Facebook, Bito video)

"Taiwanese like to pray for everything, such as exams, job interviews, and a love life, so it's easy to see that religion is a vital part of our daily lives," Liu noted.

As for the installation: "Lanterns represent hope. On the top of the pendulum, there is a red LED light inspired by incense, which represents the connection between man and heaven. As for the shape of the metronome, it's inspired by the image of folded praying hands," Liu said.

He explained that even a single accident can have an effect on others and lead to serious problems. He says the temple-like and immersive atmosphere should have a positive effect.

"Regardless of the audience’s religion, I hope they will feel calm and peaceful," Liu said.

A total of 25 countries have made submissions for the Biennale, which is set to take place at Somerset House until June 27. Visit the website for further information.

Updated : 2021-06-24 07:18 GMT+08:00