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Taiwan passes Space Development Law

New law lays legal foundation for country's space program, encourages development of related technologies

Taiwan's Formosat-7 satellite launched into space.

Taiwan's Formosat-7 satellite launched into space. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Legislative Yuan on Monday (May 31) passed the Space Development Law, paving the way for Taiwan’s space endeavors.

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) said the law lays the legal foundation for the further development of Taiwan's space program, makes sure the public sector and private enterprises comply with relevant laws, and encourages the development of forward-looking technologies to enhance the competitiveness of space-related industries.

MOST pointed out that the law designates the ministry as the sole authority responsible for the country's space activities and for the establishment of launch sites. The ministry added that it will draft four subsequent pieces of legislation regarding launch and space vehicle registration, launch vehicle permit application, launch site matters, and compensation issues, CNA reported.

The National Space Organization, which currently operates under the National Applied Research Laboratories, is expected to be upgraded to an administrative body directly under MOST in the future.

According to MOST, the Space Development Law reveals Taiwan's basic principles of space development, including respect for international conventions and related regulations, environmental protection and sustainable development, disclosure of relevant information on space development in accordance with the principles of national security and interests, and promotion of space science. The law also seeks to improve public understanding of the country’s space policy and nurture talents in the industry.

The ministry pointed out that more than 90 countries around the world have satellites in orbit, and more than 31 countries have established or are establishing national space regulations. The Space Development Law proves to the international community that the nation is willing to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of a citizen in the global village, it said.

Updated : 2021-06-23 00:06 GMT+08:00