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Taipei announces only certain COVID patients under 55 can stay at home

Only asymptomatic COVID patients under 55 without chronic conditions may remain home

(Taipei City Government image)

(Taipei City Government image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) —Taipei City Deputy Mayor Vivian Huang (黃珊珊) announced at Monday’s (May 31) COVID-19 briefing the launch of a program to move people in the city diagnosed with COVID-19 out of their homes, only allowing patients under 55 years old who are without symptoms or chronic conditions to self-isolate, CNA reported.

Huang had earlier said it would become the new normal for COVID patients with no symptoms or mild symptoms to stay home. However, the city is implementing the new policy as its centralized quarantine capacity has increased, the deputy mayor said.

Those who have no symptoms but are over 55 years old, who are under 55 but with chronic conditions, or those assessed as unfit for home isolation, will be sent to quarantine centers or quarantine hotels for further observation, Huang said.

COVID patients under 55 without symptoms or chronic conditions will be allowed to quarantine at home for 17 days, during which time they will be contacted daily by their respective district health center for their health update, she said.

From now on, any symptomatic confirmed cases will be moved out of their homes regardless of age, Huang continued, urging COVID patients waiting at home to self-monitor their conditions and keep in contact with their district health centers.

The new policy contradicts an announcement made Sunday by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) that all COVID patients in Taipei and New Taipei would have to move to a quarantine facility.

Updated : 2021-06-19 12:44 GMT+08:00