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Heavy rain alert issued for Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung

Those living in the affected areas should take extra care when venturing outside

Heavy rain is forecast from Friday. (CWB photo)

Heavy rain is forecast from Friday. (CWB photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) has issued a heavy rain alert for Taipei City, New Taipei City and Keelung's north coastal area for Friday (May 21)

Given a strong concentration of cloud cover in Northern Taiwan, Taipei, New Taipei, and the north coast around Keelung, heavy downpours can be expected. There are also likely to be gusty winds and lightning strikes Friday and Saturday, according to the CWB.

A heavy rain advisory has been issued for the three northern areas and residents should take rain wear when leaving the house, while drivers should take extra care. It's expected that there will be an accumulated rainfall of 80 millimeters over a 24-hour period, with a maximum of 40 mm within an hour.