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Taiwan's 1,853 local COVID cases in 1 week center on Greater Taipei

New Taipei reports 853 COVID cases, Taipei City 746 in one week, most clustered in 3 districts

Map showing areas where confirmed cases had recently visited. (Google Maps image)

Map showing areas where confirmed cases had recently visited. (Google Maps image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan has seen a staggering 1,853 local COVID-19 cases since last Friday (May 14), with New Taipei and Taipei reporting the most cases, mainly clustered around three districts.

On Friday (May 21), Taiwan reported 312 domestic coronavirus infections, not far off the single-day record of 333 local cases set on Monday (May 17). As has been the pattern since Tuesday, New Taipei had the most cases at 144, while Taipei had 127.

Taipei reported slightly more cases each day from May 14-17. However, on Tuesday, New Taipei started to report more cases and has continued to do so, with nearly double Taipei's cases on Thursday (May 20).

Over the past seven days, New Taipei has reported 853 cases, while Taipei has recorded 746. Over this period, a clear pattern for the concentration of cases has emerged.

In Taipei, the obvious hotspot is Wanhua District, which has consistently had the most cases. In the case of New Taipei, the hotspots are alternating between Banqiao and Zhonghe districts.

On Friday, Mayor Hou You-yi (侯友宜) told media that Banqiao and Zhonghe districts are the closest to Taipei's Wanhua District. He claimed 80 percent of reported cases in those districts have a connection with Wanhua, reported SET News.

In a closeup view of Greater Taipei in the map below, one can see hotspots based on the movements of recently confirmed cases. In the map, it is Wanhua that is at the heart of the outbreak in Taipei.

All neighboring districts in New Taipei have been most seriously affected, including Banqiao, Zhonghe, Yonghe, and Sanchong districts. In addition, districts in New Taipei that border the districts touching Wanhua are also starting to report cases, such as Tucheng and Xindian.

New Taipei Taipei Date
144 127 05/21
157 87 05/20
129 70 05/19
106 102 05/18
148 158 05/17
89 97 05/16
75 89 05/15
5 16 05/14
853 746

Updated : 2021-07-27 06:40 GMT+08:00