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Rain forecast for Taiwan next week

Stationary front could bring severe weather, chance of significant rainfall from May 25-29

Rain forecast for Taiwan next week

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A stationary plum rain season front expected to move closer to Taiwan next week is likely to trigger severe weather and bring the chance of significant rainfall.

Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) predicted that Taiwan will roast in high temperatures and see varying amounts of rain from Thursday (May 20) to Monday (May 24), CNA reported Thursday (May 20).

He forecast sunny, hot weather for Thursday, occasional showers or thundershowers with heavy afternoon showers in mountainous areas for Friday and Saturday, and local rains or thundershowers for Sunday and Monday.

As the stationary front approaches on Tuesday (May 25), the weather will become more unstable, with local rains or thundershowers and heavy rainfall in some areas. Showers are expected from Tuesday night to Wednesday (May 26). Next Thursday (May 27), the front will move north and weaken, temporarily giving Taiwanese a break from rainfall, with showers expected only in mountainous areas.

Next Friday to Saturday (May 28-29), the stationary front will strengthen and move south to revisit Taiwan, during which time, there could be heavy rains and severe weather.

Noting that this is a forecast of 7-10 days, the meteorologist said it’s bound to come with some uncertainty, and therefore continuous observation and adjustment along the way is necessary.