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Netflix ad for Thai show angers Chinese with Taiwanese flag

Revised version removes all flags but carries message of thanks in traditional Chinese characters

Before and after: the Taiwanese flag at the bottom left on the 'Girl from Nowhere' ad

Before and after: the Taiwanese flag at the bottom left on the 'Girl from Nowhere' ad (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The picture of a Taiwanese flag in an ad thanking viewers of the Thai Netflix drama series “Girl from Nowhere” touched off anger from Chinese viewers, reports said Wednesday (May 19).

The second season of the show achieved positive viewing figures in several Asian countries, making it to No. 4 for Netflix in Taiwan. In order to thank viewers, a picture appeared on the show’s Facebook page with the word “thanks” in several languages followed by a flag.

The English version showed the flag of Singapore, a Cantonese expression written in traditional Chinese characters had the flag of Hong Kong, while the Mandarin version was followed by a Taiwanese flag, even though it was written in the simplified characters used in China and not in Taiwan.

Netizens in China immediately condemned the illustration, CNA reported. While some still praised the quality of the show, they also said they felt Netflix was going too far in “insulting China.”

A Thai commentator responded by pointing out that Netflix was not available in China, wondering why the Chinese netizens had to make such a fuss about the ad.

Following the protests, however, all the flags were removed from the Facebook page, while the traditional Chinese characters for the expression of thanks remained, igniting a new wave of indignation from netizens in China, CNA reported.

Updated : 2021-07-30 09:56 GMT+08:00