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New Taipei discloses COVID infection hotspots around city

Many confirmed cases visited traditional markets, parks

Mayor Hou (front left)

Mayor Hou (front left) (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The New Taipei City government disclosed several locations on Monday (May 17) where confirmed coronavirus cases had visited and urged anyone experiencing symptoms to get tested.

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Monday reported 333 cases of local COVID-19 transmission, including 148 from New Taipei, of which 41 were in Banqiao District, according to CNA. Mayor Hou You-yi (侯友宜) told reporters on Monday that after seeing the sizable electronic footprints of those infected, the city decided to make hotspots public.

Since Taiwan’s most recent outbreak began, Banqiao has seen 94 cases, Sanchong District 44, Yonghe District 41, Tucheng District 36, Xinzhuang District 29, and Luzhou District 23, Hou said. He said many of the cases had visited traditional markets and parks, adding that control measures would be tightened at markets.

He said traffic flow in and out of markets will be strictly controlled, and urged people to avoid visiting hotspot areas. In addition to the community testing station set up at the Banqiao branch of New Taipei City Hospital, Hou said the city plans to open up two more stations.

The mayor added that there are also 17 hospitals around New Taipei that offer coronavirus testing services.

Hou listed the following hotspots:

May 7 Xuefu Market in Tucheng (土城學府市場)

May 10 Tucheng Stadium (土城綜合運動場)

May 10 Xuefu Market in Tucheng (土城學府市場)

May 10 Ren’ai Park in Yonghe (永和仁愛公園)

May 10 Sanchong Fruit and Vegetable Market (三重果菜市場)

May 11 Minde Park in Zhonghe District and nearby market (民德公園及旁邊市場)

May 11 Shuiliu Gong Market in Sanchong (三重水流宮市場)

May 11 Qingxi Park in Tucheng (土城清溪公園)

May 12 Sanxia public market (三峽公有市場)

May 12 Qingxi Park in Tucheng (土城清溪公園)

May 12 RT-Mart Zhonghe store on Fuxiang Road (中和大潤發福祥路)

May 13 Qingxi Park in Tucheng (土城清溪公園)

May 13 Minde Park and nearby market (民德公園及旁邊市場)

May 13 Yonghe Ren’ai Park (永和仁愛公園)

May 14 Banqiao Xinlong Market (板橋興隆市場)

May 15 Banqiao Reiyi Market on Lane 249, Section 2, Sichuan Road, Banqiao (板橋瑞億市場,板橋四川路2段249巷)

May 15 Banqiao Guoqing Evening Market (板橋國慶黃昏市場)

Updated : 2021-06-15 16:05 GMT+08:00