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Taiwan forest recreation areas, related facilities to close from May 18–28

Closures will cut down flow of people between municipalities: Forestry Bureau

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau on Monday (May 17) announced in a press release the closure of all national forest recreation areas and related facilities under its management from May 18–28 in response to heightened COVID-19 alerts in the country following a surge of confirmed cases in recent days.

Even though the forest environment is relatively open and safe, the closures of the facilities will cut down the flow of people from one municipality to another and reduce the risk of community transmission for neighboring tribal communities, the bureau said.

The closures include the following:

1. All national forest recreation areas: Taipingshan, Manyueyuan, Neidong, Dongyansha, Guanwu, Wuling, Basianshan, Dasyueshan, Hehuanshan, Aowanda, Alishan, Tengjhih, Kenting, Shuangliu, Jhihben, Siangyang, Fuyuan, and Chihnan

2. Railway facilities: Wulai Log Cart, Taipingshan Bong Bong Train, and Alishan Forest Railway

3. All forestry culture parks: Luodong, Dongshih, and Lintianshan forestry culture parks, Alishan Forestry Village, and Hinoki Village

4. All flatland forest parks: Aogu Wetlands, Linhousilin, and Danongdafu

5. All nature education centers: Luodong, Dongyanshan, Basianshan, Aowanda, Chukou, Shuangliu, Chihnan, and Jhihben

6. All ecology education centers: Mangrove, Yuanshan, Nanao, Huoyanshan, Ershui Formosan Rock Macaque, Alishan, Ruisui, and Dawushan

7. Mountain huts: Jiu Jiu Cabin, Tianchi Lodge, Kuaigu Lodge, Xiangyang Cabin, and Jiaming Lake Cabin.