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Spain: 300 arrested for fake driver's licenses

Spain: 300 arrested for fake driver's licenses

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Around 300 people allegedly involved in the large-scale falsification of driver’s licenses were arrested in Spain on Tuesday, police in northeastern Catalonia said.

Police said that around 10 of the detainees are suspected of having formed the core of a criminal ring. The rest had minor roles in the gang or were buyers of the fake licenses.

Police investigators identified 1,845 drivers who had paid the ring 4,000-10,000 euros ($4,800-$12,100) for the counterfeit licenses that they were using to drive.

In a separate statement, a Spanish court said that police carried out 14 raids of properties, mostly in the northeastern city of Girona and the nearby town of Vic. There was also one raid in the northern Basque Country region.

Updated : 2021-06-21 01:13 GMT+08:00