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Taiwan tissue bank association established

Organization dedicated to raising awareness, regulating human tissue donations

Taiwan Association of Tissue Bank is established in Taipei on Saturday. (Taiwan News photo)

Taiwan Association of Tissue Bank is established in Taipei on Saturday. (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan Association of Tissue Bank (TATB) was established in Taipei on Saturday (May 8) to improve human cadaver tissue donations for clinical use by enhancing the coordination of existing resources.

The association aims to improve tissue management in the country for medical research and other purposes. This will be done by putting in place standards and protocols that can be implemented and followed.

It will also serve as a platform for Taiwan to learn from international practices and enhance its expertise in the field via exchanges and participation in related organizations, said Lu Jen-her (陸振翮), pediatric cardiology professor at Taipei Medical University Hospital and president of the TATB.

According to Lu, Taiwan has been a beneficiary of overseas tissue donations, such as corneas from Sri Lanka. There were also skin grafts for burn victims in the 2015 New Taipei water park fire due to the large amount of tissue sourced from global skin banks.

The TATB will promote tissue and organ donation awareness among the public. It will also work with the authorities to ensure that the donation, use, and transplantation of any part of a deceased person are properly regulated, said Ma Hsu (馬旭), vice superintendent at Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

Taiwan currently has 171 certified tissue banks, including 71 for bones, 27 for corneas, 25 for skin, seven for cardiovascular tissue, 25 for peripheral blood stem cells, 12 for cord blood, and four for bone marrow.