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Over 1,300 foreigners granted Taiwan Employment Gold Cards in 2020

Number of approved card applications expected to hit new high this year

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan issued a total of 1,399 Employment Gold Cards in 2020 as it endeavors to attract highly skilled foreign talent.

The number issued last year doubled that of the previous two years combined. With more than 500 cards granted in the first quarter, the figure is expected to set a new record this year, according to the National Development Council (NDC).

Launched in 2018, the Employment Gold Card is an ID offered to foreign professionals specializing in fields ranging from science and technology, economics, education, culture and art, sports, finance, and law, to architecture. The multi-use card can function as a visa, work permit, alien resident certificate, and re-entry permit.

Among last year’s recipients, Americans accounted for the lion’s share with 933. More than 800 of the applicants hailed from backgrounds in economics and science and technology, Liberty Times quoted Kung Ming-hsin (龔明鑫), minister of NDC, as saying.

Famed Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong (黃秋生), who became a cardholder after his application was approved last month, has joined foreign residents who enjoy tax incentives and National Health Insurance among other benefits. He believes it was the recognition he earned in the Hong Kong Film Awards that allowed him to successfully acquire the ID in just two months, wrote CTS.

More information on the Employment Gold Card application can be found on the official website.

Over 1,300 foreigners granted Taiwan Employment Gold Cards in 2020
Employment Gold Card (NDC image)

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