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Taiwanese incorrectly included with Chinese in Pew Research Center study

“‘Chinese’ includes those identifying as Taiwanese” footnotes found throughout study

Taiwanese erroneously included with Chinese (Pew Research Center image) 

Taiwanese erroneously included with Chinese (Pew Research Center image) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A recently published report by the Pew Research Center looking into the diversity of the Asian American community incorrectly lumps Taiwanese people with Chinese.

Using U.S. Census Bureau data, the Washington-based think tank released a report on April 29 titled “Key facts about Asian origin groups in the U.S.” in order to show that Asian Americans differ significantly when it comes to income, education, and other measures. “These differences highlight the wide diversity of the nation’s Asian population and provide a counterpoint to the ‘model minority’ myth and the description of the group as monolithic,” the report says.

It continues: “highlighting these differences within the Asian population has been central to debates about how data about the group should be collected by governments, colleges and universities and other groups, and how it can be used to shape policies impacting the diverse U.S. Asian population.”

The report then uses nine graphics in an attempt to show the demographic characteristics among different major Asian populations in the U.S. Unfortunately, all data on Taiwanese Americans is mistakenly included with Chinese Americans.

Eight of the nine tables include the footnote “‘Chinese’ includes those identifying as Taiwanese.”

In response to the study, wrote an open letter criticizing the organization’s purposeful misrepresentation of the data, saying, “The choice to merge distinct groups is not only hurtful to Taiwanese Americans, but reaffirms an insidious precedent of imprecise, inaccurate data harming those not squarely represented in their limitations.” The organization then called on the Pew Research Center to explain why Taiwanese data was merged with Chinese and to re-publish its finding with Taiwanese Americans listed as a separate category.