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Rural schools on Taiwan's Penghu Islands hold rare sports meet

Eight schools on two tiny islands of Wang-an and Qimei kick off inaugural event

(Penghu Magistrate Lai Feng-wei photo)

(Penghu Magistrate Lai Feng-wei photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Students from eight schools on Taiwan's Penghu Islands on Wednesday (April 28) competed in a joint sports event, the first of its kind ever held in the archipelagic county.

The meet, which runs until Thursday evening (April 29), was co-organized by eight elementary and middle schools on the two tiny islands of Wang-an and Qimei. Over 350 students and faculty members are expected to participate.

Ou Der-shiaw (歐德孝), principal of Qimei's Shuanghu Elementary School, billed the event as a major celebration for the two islands. He said the meet features track and field sports, fun activities for students and faculty members, as well as dance and singing performances.

Meanwhile, the Penghu Public Transport Management Office said it had arranged a number of ferries to carry people from Wang-an to the venue on Qimei during the two-day period. National Taipei University of Education also contributed by offering board games for the students to enjoy during their break.

Composed of 90 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait, Penghu is known as an ideal spot for surfing and other water activities. Many Taiwanese have chosen it as a travel destination, especially in the summer when its famous international firework festival takes place.

Rural schools on Taiwan's Penghu Islands hold rare sports meet
(Ou Der-shiaw photo)

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