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Former Japanese prime minister shows off box of Taiwan pineapples online

Japanese netizens give high praise to Taiwanese fruit, react to China’s politically motivated ban

(Twitter, Abe Shinzo photo)

(Twitter, Abe Shinzo photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo on Wednesday (April 28) showed support for Taiwanese pineapples by sharing a photo of himself with the fruit on Twitter.

Following China's unexpected import ban on March 1, sales of Taiwanese pineapples have surged in Japan despite their relatively high price. In addition to being carried by local retailers such as 7-Eleven, the fruit has also received extensive coverage by Japanese media.

In a tweet on Wednesday morning, Abe shared a photo of a box of Taiwanese pineapples with the caption "Pineapples for dessert today. They look very delicious." Within just five hours, the photo gained 694,000 likes, 2,055 quote tweets, and 119,000 retweets.

Some netizens echoed Abe's post by praising Taiwanese pineapples for being sweet and juicy, while others described the fruit as extremely addictive. Meanwhile, a few netizens criticized Beijing for the politically motivated ban and its attempt to weaponize trade.