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Uncle of boy abused by judo coach in central Taiwan says condition improving

Uncle says swelling has gone down, intracranial pressure is lowering

Huang is thrown as Ho steps into frame (left). (Facebook, Huang family photo)

Huang is thrown as Ho steps into frame (left). (Facebook, Huang family photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The uncle of a seven-year-old boy who was relentlessly thrown by his classmate and judo coach last week said that he is showing some signs of improvement but is still in a coma.

A first-grade student, surnamed Huang (黃), from Nanyang Elementary School in Taichung City's Fengyuan District, attended his second week of judo classes in the basement of a gymnasium operated by Ruisui Elementary School at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday (April 21). During class, the 67-year old coach, surnamed Ho (何,) ordered a 10-year-old student to perform a shoulder throw on Huang multiple times.

In a video of the incident, Huang can be seen crying and begging on his knees for the punishment to end. However, Ho then personally throws the child another seven times.

Doctors found that Huang's injuries resembled those from a car crash and included a severe intracranial hemorrhage, which prompted them to perform an emergency craniotomy. After the operation, doctors declared that Huang was in a "brain dead state" and that if he were to survive, he would likely remain in a vegetative state.

Doctors rated him as a 3 on the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), the lowest possible rating. The prognosis for patients with a 3 on the GSC is poor, with an extremely high mortality rate, according to a study published on JAMA Network.

On Monday (April 26), Huang's uncle took to Facebook to write that swelling on the boy's face has begun to diminish. "He's worked really hard to pull through," wrote his uncle.

He said the intracranial pressure had reached 120 mm Hg when he was first admitted, but as of Monday, it had dropped to 80 mm Hg. The normal safe upper limit for children his age is approximately 25 mm Hg.

He added that over the past few days, many kindhearted netizens have sent private messages to Huang's family members sharing their personal experiences and offering assistance. Huang's uncle said many have sent amulets, flower bouquets, and golden joss paper blessed by Matsu (壓轎金) to place by Huang's bedside.

Huang's elder relative stated that he believed this positive energy sent by concerned members of the public would be a driving force to motivate the boy to keep moving forward. Huang's father stated that he had asked his brother to upload the Facebook post to report the good news to everyone, but he cautioned that the boy's coma index is still the same and hoped the public would continue to gather good energy for his son to overcome his difficulties and return to his side.