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Men in black invade Taipei police station to attack officer

10 men chase officer into station, smash police laptops

Songshan Precinct of Taipei City Police Department (Google Maps screenshot)

Songshan Precinct of Taipei City Police Department (Google Maps screenshot)

Update: 04/22 17:20 p.m.

The police officer and the 10 men involved in a recent altercation will meet and apologize to each other later today (April 22), according to the Songshan Precinct of the Taipei City Police Department. It said the group that invaded the police station had promised to offer compensation for the broken laptops.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A group of about 10 men recently invaded a police station in Taipei's Songshan District after a confrontation with one of the officers and destroyed several laptops at the front desk.

On Tuesday (April 20), a netizen claiming to be an officer at the Songshan Precinct of the Taipei City Police Department shared details of the incident on Facebook.

He said a group of young men dressed in black had chased a senior officer surnamed Yang (楊) into the station at around 3 a.m. on April 15 after an argument. While Yang was hiding in his office, the men began smashing laptops at the front desk, despite the presence of the other officers, and demanded that he come forward.

Noting that Yang and the group of men, who allegedly numbered more than 10, appeared to be drunk, the netizen questioned the precinct's handling of the matter and pointed out that none of the invaders have been arrested. He said the precinct had failed to preserve the dignity of law enforcement for fear of losing face.

Songshan Precinct inspector Chen Chieh-chi (陳玠齊) responded to the post by emphasizing that the police department would not tolerate misbehavior from Officer Yang or the group of invaders. National Police Agency Director-General Chen Ja-chin (陳家欽) confirmed to reporters on Thursday that an investigation has been launched and that the appropriate punishments will be issued.

Updated : 2021-05-14 12:17 GMT+08:00