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Taiwan's Techi Reservoir could run dry in 14 days

'We can only pray that it will rain soon,' power plant official comments

Techi Reservoir water level has dropped precipitously. (CNA photo)

Techi Reservoir water level has dropped precipitously. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Techi Reservoir in Taichung is down to less than 4 percent of its water capacity and could run dry within two weeks if Taiwan's drought continues.

Taiwan continues to suffer from water shortages as it deals with its worst drought in 56 years. As of Monday (April 19), the water level in Techi Reservoir had dropped down to 1,327.43 meters, leaving it with less than 3.7 percent of its capacity. According to, the reservoir has just 6,972,800 million cubic meters of water left, enough for 14 days.

Dajia River Power Plant Deputy Director Lin Jih-sheng (林日生) was cited by CNA as saying that although the Sun Moon Lake area saw rain on Sunday (April 18), Techi Reservoir saw none of the precipitation and experienced sunny weather on Monday (April 19).

Lin said there was no precipitation in the reservoir's upper catchment area and, "We can only pray that it will rain soon." He pleaded with the public to conserve water and protect the remaining water resources.

He stated that as of Monday morning, the water level at the reservoir was 1,327 meters. He said the rate of water inflow is 3 cubic meters per second, the largest amount currently possible, while the water outflow is 7.2 cubic meters per second.

Lin stressed that water distribution and supply in the reservoir is being managed in accordance with the Central Emergency Operation Center's instructions for dealing with the drought.