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Photo of the Day: Taiwan-shaped fried rice

Kaohsiung eatery's chaofan map of Taiwan goes viral

(Diego Gonzalez photo)

(Diego Gonzalez photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Nicaraguan businessman captured this photo of Taiwanese-style fried rice molded in the shape of Taiwan's main island over the Tomb Sweeping holiday weekend.

The photographer, Diego Gonzalez (Instagram @dgmcol), 32, told Taiwan News that he ordered the dish at around 6 p.m. at a restaurant in the E Sky Land mall in Kaohsiung Saturday (April 3). He said he had been exploring the mall for the first time and that the eatery is one of the restaurants on the top floor.

Gonzalez, who works in international business, said that the restaurant's name is SanHoYan (参和院) and that once inside, he noticed it was selling baozi, xiaolongbao, and dumplings made in the shape of various animals and cartoon characters. However, it was the fried rice made in the shape of a map of Taiwan that caught his fancy: "it was very funny and surprising, so I felt the need to share it."

He described the dish as being creative and "very Taiwanese" in the way that locals try to make dishes in cute and unusual shapes, "trying to re-invent the cuisine." He felt the Taiwan-shaped mold was a sign of patriotism.

On Monday (April 5), Gonzalez posted the photo to the social media site Reddit, where it quickly received 862 upvotes. Many netizens noticed that the shrimp appeared to be strategically placed in Kaohsiung:

"There's where I live, on top of the giant shrimp."

"Probably they put the shrimp in the location of the city of the branch hehe."

"I love this! The shrimp holding on for dear life lmao."

"How did no one notice the lump near the middle representing Yushan yet!!!"

"Chaofan is now banned in China for undermining national unity."

Photo of the Day: Taiwan-shaped fried rice
(Diego Gonzalez photo)

Updated : 2022-05-29 16:12 GMT+08:00