Taiwan tech companies to hike laptop prices in 2nd quarter

Acer, Asus to raise laptop prices by 5-10% to meet high demand

(Acer photo)

(Acer photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese electronics giants Acer and Asus will increase the prices of their laptops by about 5-10 percent in the second quarter in response to a surge in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the "work-from-home" economy took off in the wake of the global outbreak, demand for home office items increased significantly. With the unprecedented demand outpacing the supply of electronic products such as laptops, quotations of key upstream components have also increased.

According to UDN, both Acer and Asus will raise the prices of the majority of their laptop products sometime in the second quarter. This will be the first substantial price movement seen by either company in the last decade.

Jason Chen (陳俊聖), chairman and CEO of Acer, said the company is finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the high demand and that it is only able to deliver one-third of its laptop orders. Similarly, Asus has a supply gap of 25-30 percent.

Chen explained that the price adjustment is necessary to offset the increasing commodity costs. He also predicted the demand will continue to exceed the supply in the foreseeable future.

Updated : 2021-04-11 23:36 GMT+08:00